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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The buzz? More interims working for SME's

I see that Interim Partners (www.interimpartners.com) are reporting that more interim managers are looking for work in fast growing SME's despite the lower pay rate.  No wonder. The energy you get from a high growth company is electrifying and if you have been working in a major corporate with all the politics, bureaucracy and turgid project delivery, you will welcome the buzz.  
But, be warned ...
Interims from majors can't just think they can get away with operating in the same way they do in larger businesses.  They will need: 
- much greater flexibility and a broader range of skills
- to pick up their own pace to match the environment
- to be much more entrepreneurial, and 
- they need to recognise that they will have to deliver with fewer assets and resources behind them than they are used to drawing on.
So do it as a career choice, not just as a reaction to a job advert.  The entrepreneurial world is different and for many the adjustment is just too great.  For others though, it is the only place to be.


  1. Whilst not directly an interim, I have established a start-up business whilst working in a 'major'. The buzz is indeed incredible, and the 'major' has benefited from a more motivated manager with more commercial and strategic acumen than I would have otherwise have acquired. Win-win for all: aiming for the tipping point now!

  2. Good for you; maintain the energy and enjoy the buzz. Often in a major you can lose the clarity and focus necessary to succeed because of all the other agendas and issues but your team will need you to keep them focused as the project develops and starts to deliver. Good luck