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Friday, 26 November 2010

Push, Pull Friction - building a book a piece at a time and watching it grow.

Addiction.  The trouble with writing one book is that you want to write another, just because you have seen more and learnt more.

So here goes.  In this series of occasional blogs I am going give you my views on how to energise people to do things that make an impact in your business; both inside and out.
Each piece will be a short summary of the key issues as I see them so that you can access and use them easily to deliver results that see your business grow.
Each piece will be kept purposefully short so that you can jump in and out; don’t get swamped; and so that you can easily see the key principles.  That way you can apply them as you see fit for your business.
As I set off on this journey, I expect the chapters to be:
Getting it right indoors

Getting Clarity
- why?
- how far, how deep?
- the ways to do it
- hearts and minds
- have they been listening?
- doing it again
- why?
- aspirations and dreams
- getting people to believe
- a deep and lasting passion
- what else could I be doing
- cynics, cowboys and idiots
- what do you really need?
- why haven't you got it now?
- how are you going to get it?
- managers and people, people and managers
- performance leaders
- making it stick
Going out into the world

- I love you
- who are you?
- making it exciting
- a lasting relationship
- winning more friends
- reducing infidelity
- size 12 boots
- raising awareness
- winning interest
- stimulating desire
- closing the deal
- upping the price
- hurdles, barriers and idiots
- more idiots
- process, process, process
- perseverance, perseverance, perseverance
But I am sure it will change as we go along.
Why Push, Pull, Friction?  These are the wise words of a 12 year old boy on learning that his sister is about to do Business Studies.  “That stuff is simple” he says,  “it’s just Push, Pull and Friction”.  Perhaps he is right and we just complicate things.

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